Getting traffic to your web site

Getting traffic can be as hard on the internet as it is in space. Especially if You have a relatively new site and must promote it yourself. Just like when Yunami and Weyland merged and claimed world domination, everything is easier if You work together with others. Finding linkpartners is one way to go.

The above banner is from one of our banner linkpartners. Those are individuals or groups of individuals who like us has realised that mutual bannerlinking enhance traffic for both of us. And hopefully we apprechiate each others web sites as well.

When using banners on your site You can also use affiliate banners. Those are usually one way links, but You might get something for it if someone signs up after being transferred from your site. The banner below is an example on an affiliate banner.

Of course You can choose to go all the way while working width banners, and join a real banner exchange. There are a lot of banner exchanges out there, and unfortunately not all are very good. The banners below are from banner exchanges we work with.

Holy Tintinnabulation! It's Bruce Wayne's Banner Exchange!

Link Partners

Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Top 100


Trick Or Treat

At Weyland-Yutani we believe firmly in giving our link partners (and especially those who link to us using our banners) as much exposure as possible. We don't only advertise their banners on the site they actually linked to but on all or most of our sister sites as well. We believe this is a fair deal. "Link to one of our sites, and we link You back from all of them".

Read on if You want to know more, or if You're interested in becoming a banner partner.

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Text Ads

Text ads is yet another way to be seen on the internet. There are different bulletin boards, ad boards etc where You can post your ads, and many traffic exchanges run a text ad exchange to.

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